STEP 1 : Send order

1. Send the URL link of the product you want to order via line  (click here)
or go to the order page.

2. Wait for the staff to reply to confirm the payment amount.

*You can send the link you want to order 24 hours a day, no holidays. We have staff waiting to receive customer orders all the time.

**The staff will reply within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response, please message me again.

STEP 2: 1st payment

(product price + service fee 10% of the product price) to confirm the order

1. After receiving the order summary from the staff Please pay for goods and delivery fee from shop(if) and services to confirm your order. and send proof of money transfer via line @ttufu (click here)

2. The staff will order and send proof of purchase from the Korean website as soon as possible.


*Tips: Payment should be made within the day of placing the order as soon as possible. to prevent in case of out of stock or there is a change in the selling price on the Korean website. Especially the products that are in the sale promotion period, reduce the price.

*Not accepting orders with a limited purchase period or having to compete for orders

STEP 3: Waiting for delivery Korea-Thailand 2nd payment

1. After the staff has completed the order Waiting for the shop to deliver to the office in Korea.

It usually takes about 2-4 days for delivery in Korea in case the store has stock. The delivery time in Korea depends on the Korean store.

2. When the product arrives at the office, the customer will receive a summary of the transportation fee. with product pictures Please pay the balance and notify the transfer again via line.

3. After informing payment the staff will send it to Thailand and inform the tracking number within 1-2 working day.

4. Waiting to receive the product, Airfreight 3-7 days, Sea freight 3-4 weeks and order completion.

** Orders that have not been paid for shipping fees within 7 days after the staff informs the balance via line will be canceled and will not be able to refund the product that has been paid in the first round.

** If the products sent by the shop do not match, please notify the staff to coordinate changes and corrections with the store immediately. Once the parcel has been sent to Thailand, it cannot be changed or returned in any case.

Please read the details before placing an order.

  • We are only an intermediary in ordering and importing products. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the seller or the store (such as defective products. or the shop sends the wrong item, wrong color, wrong type, not complete amount, etc.)
  • We will be responsible in the event that we are the one who ordered the wrong item only. But in other cases where the order is correct, but the error is caused by the store or others. We are not responsible for this matter. But we are willing to be a middleman to contact between the customer and the seller.
  • In the event that the product is a pre-order, the store may deliver late. Including delayed delivery due to out of stock without the store not informing us in advance Ask customers to wait for the time specified by the store. We cannot control the duration or speed up this section. But we are happy to follow the progress and update it. Customers can contact us anytime.
  • When customers order products and complete payment, we do not accept cancellations in any case. If you want to cancel, we will not give a refund. Because we have already made all purchases and payments to the store. Will refund the customer in the only case that the shop cancels and refunds us only
  • If there is a mistake in delivering the product Items returned due to incomplete, invalid, or unaccounted address details. The customer will be responsible for the cost of sending the product again. And if the loss of the product in this case We will not be responsible.


Because it has been clearly explained as detailed above. We assume that the customer accepts the terms and conditions and then places an order. We will not be responsible for damages. Mistakes that do not come from us in any case.